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Last night was horizon and the first session I played in. I was a little worried as I turned up as I'd got an e-mail from the lead GM (or ST to those cammies reading *grin*) saying "we need to talk". I was worried I was about to be dumped. :)

As it was he was just letting me know that my points might be better spent elsewhere to fulfill my character goals and to discuss some of my character concept. All was good.

My character is a grey salesman. Part of the Sales and PR force of the grey order, a rather shady order who have developed grey technology, a fusion of steam and clockwork technology, and grey magic, an unknown quantity. I got to go round trying to talk lots of people into liking grey technology. I like to think I did a reasonable job. I also like to think that I managed to pull off the "fast talk" skill pretty well. I certainly talked too much.

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep up the grey sales since there's a limit to how much you can try to sell things to people but hopefully I'll have built a client base up by that time that I can sell to and start really getting the grey technology into action. I'm slightly worried that I started doing some politicing type stuff as well. Though not much luckily so its alright. :)

All in all I was slightly worried after having not much insipration and wanting to do some slightly "not in continuity" things with my character but after talks with the GMs I have plans (though I need to restat my character slightly) and it should all be fun and from talking to some other people yesterday there are similar plans out there so I might have to contrive a plan to work together. :)

Yay! Poing!
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This will probably be mainly of interest to those that play horizon and possibly other RPers who have experienced the oxford society game.

With the new term starting (or should it be started by now - I guess it depends on your PoV) the next installation of the RPGSoc society game is kicking off, Horizon. I thought I knew what I wanted to do which was a mad scientist rehash. I thought of the sort of things I wanted to make and then I put some points down onto a piece of paper to start off the character generation process. It seems the mad scientist concept I have in mind is impractically expensive. I think mainly because I want to do mad science of a type that has never been done before so I am having to buy lots of expensive skills to give me the grounding needed.

So now I find myself wondering if I want to try for a different mad scientist and be a little more normal (and making your character more normal just seems like a step down on the fun ladder) or think of a totally different character concept. If anybody wants to have a "buddy" character then I am open for offers or suggestions. I guess I could try the mob boss character I had in mind last term but I am not sure I want a character that is goign to be high maintenance as that would probably be (yeah, i know it doesn't have to be but for me it would be).

Hmmm... I guess I might be able to trim down some of the skills I've taken. Oh well, I just thought I'd see what you lot had to say on the matter anyway.


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