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For some work I'm doing I need to find out what a font is or at least find a close approcimation to it. I only have it in images at the moment, unforutnately. A couple of sample images:
sample images - only small )
Anybody able to tell me what the font is or able to point me at something similar. Must be free to use on a website.

I really appreciate any help you can give me.
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Last night was my christmas party that all the costuming was for. As expected, I rocked. Thumbnails linking to bigger pictures in the cut...

Me in Costume )

So, what do you all think? Worth all those posts I made about it? Worth the bother?

Edit: Damn. Rotated the thumbnails but not the big versions. Either do it yourself or wait til tomorrow and I'll do it then. Right now I can't be bothered. :)
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I had a little trial run of my outfit earlier. Shirt, trousers, waistcoat, belt, bandolier, sword, bandana and boot tops. Oh, and of course the makeup. I looked awesome. I've not had much play with my hair yet so that will probably be for tomorrow afternoon. No pictures of the dress rehersal I'm afraid but you can rest assured that I realyl do look *totally* awesome. And hopefully even a bit like jack sparrow. :)

Really looking forward to tomorrow now. To go with the holywood theme of the evening I am tempted to go reservoir dogs in the daytime with just a dark suit, black tie and a gun. Depends how much I feel like it when I get up in the morning though really. :)
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Dammit, work has just started implementing a hardcore firewall policy. This means that many things are not working for me right now. This is annoying. Pretty much the only thing working still is MSN. I've lost IMAP, SMTP (for personal mail - I can authenticate with our work mail server but it still refuses to deliver my mail - stupid config), SSH (no nice connection to the outside world that I can use to get help on technical matters from friends), JABBER (this includes google chat - annoying having just got it all set up), and connections for games (that I only use at lunch time and even then only briefly but still annoying).

Work is still ongoing and I've been told I should get SSH back (I've not got it now and I'll prod tomorrow if I still don't). Once SSH is back I should be able to get most other things running again via that if needs be. Its just all very annoying that we are suddenly going all draconian. :(


Mar. 17th, 2006 10:46 pm
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Well, tomorrow I am getting up stupidly early to go skiing. IT is shiny and exciting though I still need to finish packing. Just thought I'd let you know since I am likely to be pretty much without internet until Wednesday. I dare say I could get internet access but I doubt I'll have time.

In other news work deadline today meant that I was busy today and *hugely* busy this afternoon. Ended up feelign trashed so have been zombieing around the hosue this evening. I got some *damn* good stuff out today though which considering what it looked like last week is AWESOME. I feel very proud. I shall be demanding drinks off people tomorrow for how great I am. :)
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Just since I seem to have explained this a few times I thought I might as well put it out for general viewing so people know what's going on.

Recently people have asked me how I am and my response is usually a variation on "tired, stressed and in pain".

Stressed is due to tight work deadlines arising from Monday's meeting. All fun work but meant that I've been busy during the day and was up til 2:30 last night working. I might not have had to but it has reduced the stress today significantly. The deadline is technically today due to the lovely Aoife in Ireland going on holiday tonight and wanting to sign off before she goes. We have most of it done (thanks to my late night last night) so all is good. I explained that some bits were missing and she doesn't remember what those bits were so she is clearly not overly bothered. :)

The pain is the next bit to explain. On sunday morning I woke up with what a doctor once described as "a wry neck". I'm sure everybody has had something similar in their time. Its just a stiff neck but one that persists for a long time. Its something to do with muscles in the neck spasming, not relaxing and so causing me pain when I try to turn my neck too much from the norm. A massage from my housemate helped a lot as has taking ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory as well as pain killing or something like that). However, its still hurts and its rare for much time to pass without a twinge of pain.

This brings me onto the last point, tiredness. The working late doesn't help (I was up til 2 on sunday evening finishing demo stuff for the monday meeting and lots of travelling made me tired). However when I sleep I move. I don't know if its always when I move but at least sometimes I move such that my neck gets pain. I then wake up. I move carefully and then fall back to sleep. This doesn't make for great sleep.

I've had this with my neck before a few years ago and the doctor said nothign to worry about which is why I've not been panicing. However, I have decided that I will go to the doctor tomorrow just to reassure myself (and any others out there who were going to try to tell me to do this). I need to phone up at 8:30 for an appointment though (I just phoned and was told they couldn't do anything until into next week - I asked about open surgery and they said I shoudl phone at 8:30 tomorrow). Given the phone situation at home though I may just drive down there and ask them in person. a) because that's more likely to get me an earlier time and b) because I have to leave the house and go down the road to use the phone anyway so I might as well go the extra five minutes to the doctor.

Though I have a vague recollection that there is a doctor just round the corner so I might investigate his opening times later.

There are also some other things that are making me down at the moment but I am hopeful that those are all tiredness related and the fact that I have technically been in pain for over 80 hours now. Besides, the other stuff's the stuff that I gloss over because people just fuss and worry and stuff and then I'm better and everybody wasted their energy worrying and that makes me feel bad. So lets avoid the vicious cycle by just keeping a stiff upper lip. Chin chin!
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I've just been asked if I am available for my first real client meeting a week on monday. I've been to meetings with partners before (they're the sort where they are doing development with us so you don't have to put on quite such a good front) but never with a real client that I have to seem very competent towards.

One kind of cool thing about this is that firstly its not likely to be a very long meeting. And secondly.... Its in ireland so I get to go on a plane! Wheee!! :) I think its in dublin. And that's meant to be quite nice. Yay!

Just thought I'd vaguely bounce. Its almost like having a holiday. :) Its the start of my international jetsetting. Though I still have a way to go to catch up with [ profile] quisalan.
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Today I have been spending most of my day digging through complex code working out how I can change its output to largely change the page layout and then write some javascript DHTML to do complicated things that are currently not supported. Its not been going well and I am feeling stressed since it need to be ready for a meeting on tuesday whcih in practice means by first thing monday morning. Preferably this would have meant by end of today.

Looks like I am going to be spending some time at the weekend doing this. And given I have some other work (private stuff) that needs doing at the weekend I'm feeling grumpy.

I've decided that what I really need is to be able to sit and work tonight while watching cool DVDs. In particular I feel an urge to buy scrubs DVDs and watch them. In every technical way though I can't actually afford to do this (or to be more precise it would be stupid to do so). Bah. I want to retail therapy! :( I might do anyway. Its what savigns are for, right? :)

A night out

Aug. 5th, 2005 02:00 pm
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Well, its been a while, not much has happened in general but last night was a big night out so It hought I'd describe it...

It all started because Isabel, one of my work colleagues, is moving out to the US to man the new US office. As you can imagine we organised a farewell night out. It was a thursday night but I figured since it was a work do turning up at work in the morning worse for wear wouldn't be too much of a problem.

So straight after work we had a bit of a drinks and presentation thing in the office before we watched a strange video - a german film (though in english) called Dinner for One. It was actually quite funny.

At 7 we headed into abingdon to the Dil Raj (or something like that) for curry. I'm ont a big fan of curry but I had some and it was quite nice and I actually didn't have the same as I ordered before which some of my audience may be pleasantly surpised by - my habit of ordering the same thing on the menu everytime I go to a restaurant is quite legendary. :) I still had my car at this point so was still on the coke but plenty of other people were drinking and it was a good sociable time.

At about 9:30 we finally leave the restaurant with plans for a few drinks in oxford. I give a few people a lift into town and then go home to dump the car. The lovely housemate gave me a lift into town and I got to the pub where the others were (Copa) for about 10:30.

Now you may think that getting to the pub at 10:30 would mean that I wouldn't get that drunk? I was certainly under this impression and was mildly annoyed that we'd spent so long in abingdon. However, all was good with the world.

For a start Copa stayed open til 12 so a good few drinks were had in there. Then once we were done there some brave people were asking where would be open later? So, a brave half dozen, whittled down from the original 10 that made it to oxford, ventured out to see what they could find. Our next port of call was "Shout" which used to be the Chicago Rock Cafe. As we entered they were playing "Summer of 69" which they followed up with "Sweet child of mine" and "walk this way" (the aerosmith only version). There was much singing along to this and we thought the world was a good place when "living on a prayer came on".

Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst here as they put on more modern rubbish. The only songs I recognised from this point in where, I think, "Filthy Gorgeous" and "Angels". On the plus side though the club seemed to have installed a cheap pole for the evening and were encouraging the locals to dance round it. Some of the chavettes (and quite attractive ones at that) danced round it. There was much pisstaking from us and, I confess, a small amount of eyeing them up. Still, I strongly suspect that if they hadn't wanted to be stared at they would have worn more than a belt and wouldn't have been pole dancing...

Anyway, as the night drew to a close there we realised that there was still plenty of drinking time left (assuming we could find somewhere that opened beyond 1AM). Of course, thirst did the honours nicely and I moved on to the cocktails. Probably not my smartest move but I'd already started on spirits in the previous place (archers and redbull due to a mistake in ordering).

Thirst was quite busy (moreso than kiss which we went into briefly before people decided it might be empty for a good reason). I guess we must have been there for an hour or so. I can't really tell you much more though since my memory is a little sketchy at this point. I do remember going home and visiting a bab van that I had never been to before (I did not partake though). It had a fine selection of burgers including burgers with bacon on. I was impressed, I must admit.

Anyway, I then have dim recollections of staggering back to the bus stop via a brief detour to broad street to see if Hassan was there (I alreayd knew Hussain wasn't in town). The bus ride home was subjectively very brief. I got on the bus, fell asleep and woke up just as I was going round the Cutteslowe roundabout (which I discovered last night is proncounced cuts-low rahter than cutterslow - with apologies for the pronunciation guides being crap). So I got off, staggered down the road (deciding I was too hot so taking my shirt off as I walked down the road despite it raining) and got home. I am hoping that at this point I staggered to bed, and went to sleep.

The only thing left to add is that I did start to emulate [ profile] elle_. In what way I hear you ask? Well, this morning as I was leaving for work I got a text saying "Hope you're not feeling too hungover...". I was a little confused since I don't remember telling [ profile] taigne that I was going out. Oh well, I must have done I thought. Then five minutes later I realised what had happened and I checked the sent items in my phone. Yup. Drunken and forgotten text messages. My phone doesn't record what time they were sent so I'm not entirely sure when I sent them. I suspect it was probably in shout though. Still, there were no complaints about the messages so all is good. :)

And this morning I got into work late and have had an unrpoductive day (though not so bad as you'd think). Chips at lunch time hit the spot even more so than usual. Its what my body had been crying out for to me. I do think though that this goes to show that just because its a schoolnight it doesn't mean I can't go out and do stuff. On the other hand I am going to be spending the night in tonight to recover. Laptop and videos I think. Possibly more veronica mars (for it is cool).


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