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Yesterday saw me travelling to huntingdon (IIRC) for the marriage of [ profile] aendr and [ profile] hsenag. It was tudor themed to a large extent taking place in a tudory house and having tudor musicians playing for the ceremony and as entertainment later in the day. Also the musicians actually showed us some tudor style dancing and taught people the moves. I passed on that one.

I'd actually forgotten that [ profile] aendr was going to be wearing a tudor dress for the wedding so it was a nice surprise when she came out wearing it. The ceremony was short and sweet. As all weddings are it was lovely and the pair really looked like they meant it and were really happy. And of course nervous. I have to admit that I was quite glad the ceremony wasn't too long since the seating was a bit cramped. Given this was my only complaint of the day though I think that is pretty good if its the only one.

Drinks and photso happened after that and dinner and then after dinner. Lots of chatting to people was done and I felt a bit like 4 weddings and a funeral as I caught up with people I hadn't seen since the last wedding. Kami also let me play with his camera during dinner. A nice big digital SLR type thing I think with big flash on top and other such clever stuff. I took some scarily big photos with it and learned about the importance of flashes and stuff. I got quite attached to the camera and was quite upset when tim finally packed it up for the last time that night.

The main evening entertain was our band of travelling musicians who taught people how to dance tudor style. It was very much like barn dancing in many ways. some dances seemed almost schoolyard style as a big chain of people wove their way around the room (also very reminiscent of the computer game "snake"). this chain wove around and then at one point start weaving under the arms of some of the people earlier in the chain. It looked like it was getting very messy at one point. :)

Other dances were a bit more like modern dances with couple dancing around but very much more formalised style like you might see on TV. And then circle dances where everybody is in a circle and dancing around and jumping around like mad things. I kind of wish I'd joined in more in hindsight but I have been complimented for the photos of dancing I took which makes me happy.

I did keep getting flash backs to Albion for its tudor setting, [ profile] floralaetifica who I seem to recall has done some of that kind of thing and [ profile] quisalan who I remember making tudor-ish clothes for Kentwell re-enactment.

Some photos can be found by going to and the ones of the dancing there are by me. I think that's numbers 36-43 if you look at the urls for numbers.
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This is irrelevant really for those that don't know [ profile] joe_smoke but very important for the rest of you. Joe has finally recognised a fundamental truth and asked me to be the Best Man at his wedding. Originally thinking this was just a compliment I said "Of course I'll be the best man". Then it turns out that I have to do things like speeches too.

Now, it is traditional to embarrass the groom a little in the best man speech and to save me from wracking my brains for things worthy of mention (though don't worry, joe, I have a few things in mind to mention already) I thought I'd ask his friends to help me out here... :)

I've screened all comments to avoid spoiling the speech, and to make sure Joe doesn't have time to mount a defence, so feel free to say anything you want to. I will be attempting to verify the stories (unless they are really funny) to make sure the embarrassment is all genuine. :)

Right. And now I've left you to do some of my work I can start worrying about the stag party...
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[Vaguely tongue in cheek but feedback welcome - I am fully aware how much more hard work the rest of the wedding organisation is so this isn't a moan or an "I can't cope". Just thought I'd make that clear up here.]

Now normally I wouldn't be worried about what to wear for a wedding. The last one I went to I think I opted for smart trousers and a shirt, no problem. This time though is slightly different. In just under four weeks [ profile] evath and the getting ahead of herself [ profile] kimholding are getting married. For reasons that are not mine to go into (but suffice to say it is not a happy tale) I was asked to give away the bride. Now this, I feel, calls for something a bit more than my usual scruffy natured approach to things. Now in theory I don't reckon I need to worry too much. After all, the only time people are going to be looking at me are as I walk Kim down the aisle (and yes, this is a very weird thought for me still) and I'm pretty sure that all eyes will be on Kim and not me. However, I am acutely aware that my usual shirt and trousers will look like some random bloke is sauntering along next to her. My suit is a cheap one bought for job interviews (and has been used once, I think), not for this kind of thing.

My current plan is to see whether somewhere will hire me smart clothes for the weekend. There are plenty of wedding shops I thought I'd go into. I mean, if nothing else I quite like dressing up smart from time to time (the world needs more black tie events) but I am still unclear on what is appropriate for the father of the bride to wear. Do they usually do the uber smart thing like the best man or ushers at a wedding would (thinking about TFM and AFMs wedding where if I remember they had nice waistcoats and tails and stuff...

Now top hat and tails is too over the top. My main thought is whether I am meant to fit in with the groom and ushers or if I should look distinct from them and all that... I assume the father of the bride doesn't usually match the groom, best man, et al. but of course this isn't the traditional way of doing things in the first place...

I've just re-read Andy's mail to me and he mentions nice waistcoats in that so I might just see what he's doing and check my suit out. It might not be too bad after all? But even if it is good (its bound to fit the criteria of dark suit) what about shirt? White shirt is the way to go totally but should it be a nice one? I mean, I've got white shirts like I used to wear in school or for subfusc. Or is it more like dress shirts with at the very least the buttons covered up to make it look nicer and possibly some patterning...

If this is how much effort is involved in being part of a wedding remind me never to get married!


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