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Last night was the RPGSoc banquet and it was good. For a change it wasn't happening in a college hall but in a restaurant, Quod. Everybody was all dressed up as usual and there was good company. I was a bit disappointed that the menu had changed and that the steak had come off but the soup for starter was nice, the lamb that I had for main course was OK but I'm not a big lamb person.

The restaurant part was marred slightly by a mood crash but a quick bit of downtime to straighten my head out did the trick followed by getting back in and talking to people. Its a while since I've had a mood crash like that while out with people though which meants it's good in a way because I realised its been a while since I last had one. :)

After that I foolish went back to MarkJ's room and dossed about with much silliness. And much watching of youtube and flash videos as people remembered the ones they just had to share. Some where disturbing and I was shocked that some people hadn't seen the Ultimate showdown of ultiamte destiny and magical trevor. It was a really good end to the evening though today I am thinking the 2:15 finish may have been a schoolboy error...


Nov. 27th, 2005 02:52 am
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There was a christmas party. There was cute girls. There was a bar afterwards. There was cute girl that I had to walk home because I promised at the beginnign of the night. There was drunkenness and feeling like I had no idea what was going on. There was ruining somebody's outfit with red wine. There was walking towards the ladies before being stopped. There was a timeout where I forgot to eye up girl in underwear. There were many bad things. There were many good things. All in all if drinking lots of water now pays dividends then it was a f--king good night. If the drinking water doesn't work then I will be ging "ow!" tomorrow. :)


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