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I know I don't usually follow the herd but this gives me a chance to go on and on about my own characters and be self indulgent and narcississi.... self centered...

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I don't do these often but this might be of amusement to those who are aware of [ profile] tpitm and the recent challenge...

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There's a meme going round. Ask people to gratuitously faltter you. So much like every other meme. The exact basis of this one though is to ask people to tell you what they envy about you. Well, in the nature of the meme subversion society I thought I'd let everybody know what I envy about a few of the people on my friends list. If you want to know what I envy about you then just ask and I'll try to find time to add something.

Well, the first is [ profile] davefish because he is an international superspy and I think that would be just so cool to be.

Next is [ profile] bateleur for he has the most impressive selection of superweapons that I have ever seen.

After that is [ profile] castorlion. A better trained private army I have never seen. Efficient, well equipped, ruthless and utterly loyal. How cool is that?

Then [ profile] joe_smoke whose vast underground laboratory complex has proved invaluable to organisations around the world for such things as developing advanced electronics, new materials for building, huge advances in electical components including computers and of course the rarely talked about bioweapons.

And lastly my wonderful LJ friend who has superpowers. Obviously the whole secret identity thing means I can't tell you who they are but I am so envious of anybody who has superpowers.

So there's a few people. If you want me to let you know what about you I'm envious about then leave a comment and I'll let you know.


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