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The last term of planning has been hard work. There's been a lot of meetings, a lot of arguing (usually with all of us on the same side of the argument but that doesn't stop it being 30 minutes long) and of course this last week. I really enjoyed last night though when there were a lot of people talking abotu the game, coming up with character concepts and being very enthusiastic and complimentary about it all. We've had full character sheets e-mailed to us already which impressed me a lot and they have all been pretty cool so far. I think I've heard seven character concepts so far and I think half of them have tied closely into plot ideas I've had and the others are sparking off ideas.

Getting the setting written I think was always going to be the hardest part of the job for me (apart of course from the time comittments) - I find it much easier to develop ideas from a known position rather than making up from scratch.

But yes, I'm bouncy and happy. Oh, and I got six hours uninterrupted sleep last night (and then another two immediately after). Dunno why but I recall waking up at just gone 6. Maybe my body just assumed that I was oversleeping if I'd got that much sleep in one go. :)

And I've decided I'm going to journal my adventures as a society game GM. Its been fun so far and I like to think it will be of interest to somebody. :) Will possibly only publish it after the game is over though so I can refer to secret GM stuff in it. It'd probably go nicely in nightflyer or something.


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