Oct. 19th, 2005 09:54 am
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At long last we have a phone line in our house. Only five and a half months after moving in but it could be worse... :)

Those on my friends list should be able to see my new number on my contact details post (here). Those who aren't on my friends list can feel free to ask and I'll put you on my friends list or e-mail you or something. This means that if you can't get through to me on my mobile you can always try my land line now. Woo!!

In other exciting news tomorrow shoudl see the arrival of a sky engineer to put a little dish on my house and give me lots of TV channels. I've had five letters from sky now about this. I can't help but think they could have planned this a little better.

In yet more exciting news Monday should see the activation of our line for ADSL goodness. I still technically need to get myself a Modem but I'm hoping to get the hardware exchange for our ADSL modem at work done and then "borrowing" the old one. Still need to sort out microfilter thingies but sinoco sells them if needs be.

On the assumption I want to get an ADSL modem that isn't nicked from work any suggestions on a good one? After the NTL fiasco I have a wireless router type thing (the plan was that the cable modem would plug straight in) so I don't need it to do anything. I know I ask silly questions like this all the time but its probably miles back and I'm too lazy to go look for any old posts in whcih I discuss it. I might of course end up just sticking with the nicked from work one.


Oct. 5th, 2005 03:39 pm
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I saw a great resident evil advert for the latest game in a magazine yesterday. Imagine a perfume advert but instead of the model there is a zombie. And instead of the bottle with calvin klein or whatever there is a bottle with "T-Virus" on it. Its awesome. :)

This led me to finding which seems to be quite fun though I only played it long enough to get eaten in a hospital. Dunno how much fun it is long term.

And I might have a hosuemate. He phoned this afternoon and I think said he was in the house and that I'd see him tonight. I feel shocked and slightly scared. Its going to be weird having two housemates again. :)

Disgaea is a very cool computer game. Turn based, tile based tactical game with huge amounts of variation, expandability, silly anime characters and a comedy plot. Only trouble is its on the PS2. Must bring forward my plans to do something about this problem of not owning one.

Other stuff happened I expect. I'm too tired to think too hard and have stuff to do. Need to work tonight on contract work.Must remember to take the appropriate file home.


Sep. 7th, 2005 05:42 pm
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Yesterday BT annoyed me almost as much as NTL did. I phoned them up and they tried to tell me that in over a months time they would be able to install me with a phone line and charge me almost 200 quid for putting the box where I wanted. I wasn't impressed. The woman was downright rude and insulting though ("You haven't given me your address yet so I can't check that" said accusingly, "Yes I have, I gave it to you just now" (I had) - funnily enough she did then quote my address back at me five minutes later). I don't think she really understood what I was asking about and I was very surprised when she said we had never had a BT line at the property (since that would imply there had never been a phone there) and it was because of this that she decided it would be the 75 pounds connection fee and the 120 pound "install a socket" fee. I was less than convinced about this and just decided to phone back the next day, after I'd talked to the letting agency to confirm they were happy for me to get a socket installed where I wanted one.

Today, BT were much better because I found somebody competent. Its still going to be over a month until installation (Which sucks beyond belief) but at least they reckon they can do it. :) The lady I talked to today was very nice and helpful and knew what she was talking about and made me like BT much more.

One thing is that yesterday's lady said that BT were doing a special trial thing with f2s (Which I am looking at as most likely choice for the whole broadband thing)whereby they work together during the install so that I will get ADSL activated at the same time as the phone line (rather than having to wait for the phone line connection and *then* arranging for ADSL). Today's lady knew nothign about this so has transferred me to the broadband department. I hope I'm not wasting my time or I'll send people round to say rude things to yesterday's lady. If she was right though then I'll be happy since 5 weeks til phone line and then more til broadband would make me want to start killing people.

*sigh* This crap is getting me down a lot. I hate to think of how long I've spent on the phone to various people trying to sort stuff out. At least now though a phone line install is booked, broadband will be on its way soon (I hope) and I'm waiting on permission for a satellite dish from the landlady. It'll be annoying if I can't get digital TV (and no, I don't mean just crappy freeview).

Somebody remind me why I volunteered to be the one sorting all this out? :)


Sep. 1st, 2005 03:22 pm
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End of june I ordered cable services from NTL. You may notice this is over two months ago. two weeks ago I got an install date. The engineers told me that I'd need the road dug up to get a cable to my house before they could do there bit. They sent their manager round to have a look and he agreed and arranged for the engineering department who were meant to do their stuff yesterday. Yesterday when I got home nobody had dug anything up for this cable so I phoned up today to get a rude (in that she seemed to have the attitude of somebody who was going hugely out of her way to help me) customer services representative who happily told me that there was no possible way I could get connected because there was no cable anywhere near me. The fact that I had seen it 10m from my door didn't phase her at all. It was akin to me asking her to turn water into wine.

Personally I think she is talking crap. I think much more likely is that they need to get my neighbours permission before they can dig stuff up (since it would affect them and is potentially on shared communally owned land or something). I a awaiting a call from either the sales team or the gap department. The former are likely to at least make the effort to get my money, the latter are at least likely to be able to give me an intelligent answer on why the engineering work didn't happen.

To same I'm not happy is an understatement.

Now it looks like I might have to try to persuade letting agency/land lady to let me install a satellite dish to get sky (I've never liked satellite dishes, I think they look awful and I personally wouldn't give the permission) and then get a BT phone line. Anybody want to reccomend ADSL services to me?

The thing that I am most unimpressed about is the amount of time they have kept me waiting before telling me this. That and the rather rude way in which I was told.

Colour me unimpressed.


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