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Its occured to me that I have barely updated about myself this year at all. So here's what has been going on for me...

January - month of ouchies )

Birthday and Ball )

February - KCon2 )

And I think that brings us mostly up to date really. There is probably loads I've missed but that's at least covering some of what I've had to cover.


Mar. 22nd, 2006 10:42 am
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Skiing was awesome. THe quick summary is as follows:

Saturday was a stupidly early start and lots of travelling but flying is fun so that was ok. The place we were staying is beuatiful and austria in general seems to be gorgeous.

Sunday was the first bit of skiing and I went off up the mountains. Big mistake because everybody there was *far* better than me. Bad planning on my part and a bit of an oversight from the organisers who didn't realise how crap I was. Lots of time on my ass followed by a minor panic attack. Then a thoroughly pleasant morning in a cafe drinking coke and getting a tan(/burn). Afternoon was spent on a much nicer and easier slope which I coped with. Drank in the evneing.

Monday was better with lessons where I improved my skiing vastly. I was awesome. It was great fun and really made up for the fact I hadn't enjoyed the previous day much.

Tuesday was the most awesome day of all absolute awesomeness. I won the race which was put on for all us beginners - a slalom thing that I won by something like 4 seconds (my time 26 seconds to the next place 30ish). Then I went to lunch by skiiing. Really cool to actually ski to get somewhere rather than just to go up and down a slope. There were of course lifts involved as well. Ended up at the top of the mountain for lunch in the restaurant there. Then I skiied down again. Really hard slope (for me) and so I'm really proud I did it. Such a good rush and a great change to go on slopes I wasn't familiar with.

Then it was home time and much sadness and much tiredness and much crashing out. I talked to [ profile] quisalan when I got home and I think I bounced a lot but I think I did it in the way of a man who was about to collapse from exhaustion so I have no idea really what I said or what she said.

Still exhausted.

P.S. Done a quick scan over LJ. Anything from the past 4 days I've not read now I won't unless you tell me I should.


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