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May. 15th, 2011 01:02 pm
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I was out last night so have only just got round to watching Doctor Who. I loved it. And now I'm watching Doctor Who Confidential and am squeeing every time Neil Gaiman comes on, even when you see him getting his breakfast from the catering crew.

And I can't be bothered with spoiler tags but I loved tha main character introduced in this episode. Such glee! (Quite possibly spoilers will be in comments on this subject - you have been warned).
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Dammit, work has just started implementing a hardcore firewall policy. This means that many things are not working for me right now. This is annoying. Pretty much the only thing working still is MSN. I've lost IMAP, SMTP (for personal mail - I can authenticate with our work mail server but it still refuses to deliver my mail - stupid config), SSH (no nice connection to the outside world that I can use to get help on technical matters from friends), JABBER (this includes google chat - annoying having just got it all set up), and connections for games (that I only use at lunch time and even then only briefly but still annoying).

Work is still ongoing and I've been told I should get SSH back (I've not got it now and I'll prod tomorrow if I still don't). Once SSH is back I should be able to get most other things running again via that if needs be. Its just all very annoying that we are suddenly going all draconian. :(
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nintendo acapella - Google Video

Old computer game fan? Geek out to this! :)

Tetris in particular impressed me. :)

(thanks to [ profile] brrm who bought it to my attention not on LJ)
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Well, hopefully soon I should have broadband in my house. Yes, its taken far too long, long story with added ranting that isn't worth going into.

This does mean though that I have to start thinking about networking the house. After talking with [ profile] wimble a weekend or two back he persuaded me that I didn't need a full blown computer to act as a gateway and router and that probably one of those magic boxes that acts as a router, wireless base station and with a couple of ports for wired networking should do me fine. I think he even told me what model he had but of coure I forgot. :)

So, anybody got experience/advice on this kind of thing, perferably with reccomendations for or against kit they have experience of.

I'm also thinkign that a nice tiny media PC in the living room next to the TV to play all the anime and other random junk from would be good. I'm looking at small shuttle cases and big hard drives and probably running linux (I beleive debian is the popular thing of the day) and some media player. Is there anything I should particularly have in mind when doing this (minimum CPU, memory, drivers for hardware, etc?)

And are there any other cool gadgets I should lust after while I'm about it?

Edit: Wireless stuff as well. My current laptop is 802.11b. I'd quite like to get a 802.11g router but am not sure whether its worth it and whether there are any issues with those that do both (eg can they only do one at a time or can they support both b and g devices simultaneously? I've no idea personally... :)

Second edit: I'm getting cable so the router/wireless thing in doesn't want ADSL and I suspect in fact that having ADSL on it would confuse the hell out of it (since I expect it will assume that to be the internet connection and thus not do nat elsewhere).


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