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Thanks to [ profile] joe_smoke's sister I found the following advert on youtube...

Its wrong. And somebody else who saw this took the time to make a sppof sketch type thing on exactly what Hasbro must have been thinking:

And on a different subject america's latest drafting policy:

And since I promised it to some people an old favourite:

How to kill a mocking bird:

And I'm done. Enjoy.
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I believe it was [ profile] bateleuer that boughthte original flash animation fights back video to my attention. Now somebody on my friends list (feel free to credit yourself when you read this) has given me a link to a sequel. Very funny and with a kind of sad ending.

And a bit more accessible than the first one I'd say since the first one was much funnier if you'd used flash extensively I think. :)
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There's a lot of stuff been going on recently that I need to put down here... I'm not going to though. Instead I'm going to show you a video of people with too much time on their hands. How to make Las Vegas style fountains with diet coke... (requires quicktime)
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nintendo acapella - Google Video

Old computer game fan? Geek out to this! :)

Tetris in particular impressed me. :)

(thanks to [ profile] brrm who bought it to my attention not on LJ)
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I can't remember where I first came across this so sorry if I've already stuck it all over my livejournal or if it was on every single one of your journals. Still, its bloody funny. Even if, like me, you've never read the book.

How to kill a mocking bird

Or you could just have bush and blair swearing at each other

Sorry I didn't write up my ski trip. It will make a full appearance at some point though. Now I'm going to bed.
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I can't remember who it was but I was talking to somebody about this the other day. Possibly at games night at the end of term. Possibly to [ profile] hrhianne (who I am name dropping so people find her journal and then we can peer pressure her into writing in it). Anyway, some of you have seen these before, I'm sure. I thought I'd posted about them before but when looking for it in my LJ I couldn't find it so maybe not.

I present:

Boromir's Imaginary phone
Borommir's catapult plans (1 and 2)
And, of course the plan to get into Mortor (sic).

I've actually copied them to my web space so I don't lose them. :)

Particularly for [ profile] elle_ as well who can always use more Sean Bean in her life.

Edit: I didn't make it clear but for those unaware these are not my own creation. They are on my server purely because they disappear from places and they are a bugger to find so I thought I'd put them in one place under my control. I would credit the original author if I knew who they were. If anybody can help me find who they are so I can check they don't mind me hosting them then that works too. Just thought I should make that clear after a comment seemed to think I have the talent and time to do something like this. :)


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