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So, my dad mentioned as part of his christmas wishlist the following:

"My Great Grandfathe was in the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) and at the end of his twenty years service he received a "Long Service and Good Conduct Medal" in 1891. I thought it would be nice to have a replica medal with ribbon if they weren't too expensive. I should think that each soveriegn would have had a different one. His one would be Victorian."

A quick google offered up no obvious places to get this but I thought I'd ask you lot since, you know, a lot of roleplayers, a few re-enactors... I figured that one of you is bound to know where to get such things... :)
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Today I have been very tired at work due to a late night last night. Its not been too bad though. Just a bit sleepy and unproductive.

I've also been distracted by hot girl at work wearing hot outfit. This is also not bad. :)

And as a bonus piece of content I present which is the best first dance at a wedding *ever*. Well, apart from maybe the thriller at the wedding one ( no, this new one is even better...
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So I have a question for people... can anybody tell me why it is that all doctors in leytonstone seem to be shut on thursday afternoons? I could understand maybe being shut one afternoon and being open on saturday mornings or something but 4 different doctor's surgeries were shut this afternoon and not one was found that was open... any suggestions on why thursday afternoons?
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This morning I was in a very strange frame of mind. Last night I fell in love with a girl of my dreams. Yeah, no metaphor there, she was a girl from my dreams. The dream is mostly faded now but I still remember how much I was in love with this girl. I also remember that she started off as a fairly cute (in the non-sexual way) dragon. The reason its weird is because the emotions of that dream lingered far more than any of the images did. At the point I woke up I know I could only remember a couple of things about her. I'm not sure I ever knew her name. And given how bad I am at describing even real people that I know very well I can't tell you what she looked like in any real meaningful way. But despite not being able to remember any of this I could still remember how I felt about her and its weird.

Its weird because I know she never existed outside of my dreams and its weird because I know the feelings are not real and will fade and in fact already have for the most part. In some ways it was kind of nice though because it is a really great feeling to meet somebody knew and just totally hit it off with them and in some ways the loss is even quite nice because I know from experience that it won't last. And I think its that last part that is weird. The emotions have that same ephemeral feel as a dream has. Most dreams fade from memory pretty fast unless you make an effort to remember them. And even then I'm sure you remember trying to remember them more than remember the dream itself. And so the emotions I feel are fleeting things that feel unreal but are still there. Harder to shrug off as unreal because they are less affected by the rational parts of your mind.

It's all around a very weird feeling. On the plus side its better than getting the same thing except where the girl is real. That can make for some very strange moments in the morning. In this case though I'm just kind of hoping that I'll meet her again in another dream sometime. :)
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The most comprehensive analysis of the Somalian pirate problem I've seen yet:


It has come to my attention that there may be those unaware of some of the gems on weebls-stuff so I present a refresher for some and new treats for others:

More awesome links )

Second Edit:

To prevent cheats on NaBloPoMo by multiple video posts in one day I'll also stick in more links to what lead me to all this in the first place (including a shocking omission from the weebls stuff - thanks [ profile] bateleur):

More linky links )

Gym Update

Nov. 23rd, 2008 11:48 pm
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I realised that I've not really mentioned the whole gym thing recently. You'll be pleased to know its going well. I've been a bit behind on the amount I'd hoped to do (which is average 3 times a week) but its still going pretty well. I've actually been three times a week many weeks but with having time off due to being ill or injured I have missed some weeks and just been twice on others.

However, its all good. I'm quite enjoying it when I go but it does take up a lot of time. I'm getting up early to try to go to the gym in the morning which is weird and probably part of the reason I am very tired.

I'm intending to try to draw up a little chart to record how much I go to keep proper track. I've also now got a little training program so I can keep track of what I've managed to do and I'm trying to make notes on how much the hard work is so I can try to notice if its getting easier, etc.

For those interested my training goes something like this:

10 minutes on bike (I think I managed about 4km in that time last time)
a bit of time on three weight machines (for shoulders in two cases and legs for the third)
5 minutes on the rowing machine (I managed 1111m last time)
Mat work including "Plank", some thing I forget the name of with a big exercise ball thing, some other random one and crunches.
5/10 minutes on the running machine.

Since I'm mostly doing this in mornings it tends to get trimmed down sometimes depending on time. The run usually suffers first and then the bike going to 5 minutes. And yes, I know the distances and stuff on the machine are probably meaningless without knowing the difficulty the machines are set at but I am assuming there isn't really a standardisation so saying bike at level 6 and rowing machine at level 8 probably isn't useful. I must check at some point what sort of speed beginners do on rowing machines though...

Anyway, my phone is reminding me... I should go to bed now so I can actually be up early tomorrow for the gym... Getting up at 7:30 on a monday morning is just evil...

P.S. I'm still a couple of posts behind my target for the month but on looking back this is looking to be at least a third of my year's postings. :) I'm considering this a success anyway even if I don't hit 30 posts. :)
chrisvenus: (Default) - Guitar hero played by a computer. Its kinda cool and makes me wonder if some people have too much time on their hands... - Bike Hero - Its... Errr... Well, its like guitar hero, the onscreen bits at least... In this case I wonder how much time people have on their hands and how people come up with the idea for that sort of thing in the first place... - And lastly a film trailer for the upcoming Titanic 2. Jack's back...

Yeah, this is more gratuitous NaBloPoMo filler. But the entire thing is about posting more stuff to my journal so I figure I can get away with that kind of thing. ;-)
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Warning - this will make no sense to non-roleplayers. It will make limited sense to non-exalted players.

Today's session of [ profile] joe_smoke's Sunspire Exalted game saw skullstone manse expoding and possibly taking a lot of the city of skullstone with it. Oh yes, a deathlord's primary manse was totally toasted. Go us!

To be fair though we don't get to take full credit because the kill was really the Unconquered Sun. You see, the session started with us on a boat having just teleported out of skullstone's prison with Ocean Pearl, a Solar Exalt who had been captured by the Silver Prince and imprisoned/tortured for the last year and a half. So this Deathlord is pissed off with us and raises his Manse into action. Turns out his skull fortress is connected to an equally impressive skeleton. So when it rises up out the water, a fifty+ mile high skeleton (while sitting), I do the one thing I can do - pray.

So after a stonkingly good prayer roll (25 successes on 24 dice - white wolf system - he'd asked for 10) the GM looks like he's going to cry as he tries to work out what happens. So time passes and the evil elemental dragon turns up with the hungry ghost of the deathlord on the back as skullstone fortress looms overhead, threatening to block out the sunlight... And then the sun lashes out and the skull explodes, raining down masonry, zombies and soulsteel down on us.

Admittedly the hungry ghost then proceeds to put three PCs down to incap (with only four of us there) which was less than good but it was a wonderful feeling to see a deathlord's primary manse go boom. I strongly suspect we aren't going to hear the end of it. It was a great session and I kind of feel that we are moving from small time into great big stoking big time... Especially given certain promises that certain other PCs might have made about the leadership of the entirety of creation...
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So, I had the day off work yesterday. I've got holiday to use up and so I took the day off to go to cambridge to see [ profile] evath (and [ profile] kimholding in the evenings). It was a day of geeking since the pair of us had decided to take the day off to play World of Warcraft.

The new expansion had recently come out (just over a week ago now) and I'd barely had a chance to play it so we decided to get together for some co-operative antics. It was fun to do as I'd expected as well. I'd actually got down there the night before (wednesday night for those keeping track) and had food (BURGERS!) and chatted and played some of The Force Unleashed. The story looked really interesting but the gameplay seemed uninspiring. Probably doesn't help that the first time I picked it up was just before a mini-boss fight.

I had to go and turn on a jet engine to fire at some metal girder thing and then use my force to bend and break it to form a bridge. Between these two steps I had to fight a boss thing. Well, I might not have had to but he was there, it wasn't hard so I thought I might as well. It was all great and then I finished making the bridge. Then went to jump on it, missed and was reset all to the beginning of this. Twice more I had to do this process before I managed to actually make the jump I wanted to. The really silly thing is I'm not sure if I missed something that meant I didn't have to jump because it seemed really silly. So yeah, annoying gameplay but looked kind of fun. Annoying loading screens as well.My vague opinion was put into words by [ profile] evath who said "Its not a 40 pound game".

Anyway yesterday was spent playing wow. Getting our characters through a large chunk of one of the two starting zones that we'd not been to yet (howling fjord for those interested) and then andy decided to play a Death Knight for a bit so I made a new one and joined him as we both went through the death knight "starting experience". I really do love it. Its awesome.

The evening involved some rock band ([ profile] kimholding astounds me on the drums) where I was singing for large chunks or threatening to go home so I got to choose a lot of the songs. I'm not a great singer but I do enjoy it. :)

So that was my day of geekery. This weekend despite some of the plans I had in mind for it seems to be largely empty right now. My usual exalted game on sunday but that's it. Maybe I'll use the chance to catch up on some moving and tidying that I really need to be doing... That sounds like a constructive use of time. Tonight I suspect might be the elusive early night...
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So a random post with amusing youtube videos. The first I thought was quite cool... - John williams is the man - acapella songs based on john williams music and with star wars theme to the lyrics.

The second is because Ninja Movies are great... - this demonstrates a little known fact that ninjas use different sorts of outfits depending on where they want to hide. The classic all in black "night" ninja. The all in white "arctic" ninja. Then of course the Jungle ninja with his standard camo on. Then the Red ninja who can hide... err... Among start trek cannon fodder? Or the pink ninja who can hide... In a gay bar maybe? I'm a little hazy on why ninjas would wear pink... And of course note that some wear headbands that say "ninja" on them in case you were in any doubt. Which in some cases you might be...

Also demonstrated at times is ninja teleportation teechniques and some generally awesome special effects... I need to watch more of these films. I haven't watched any for ages... :)

Bonus points also for explaining why one ninja has a fire extinguisher built into his sword...
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SO I noticed that I'm behind on my NaBloPoMo posting. You've probably already noticed that I've given up on the one per day and am going for the average one per day approach instead. Since my life doesn't seem to be filled with enough interest and wonder to cope with this I thought I'd just start talking about uninteresting things instead...

So this is what I'm watching on TV at the moment (in general):

Burn Notice, Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Wars Clone Wars, Heroes, Fringe )
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A couple of people asked me after my earlier post requesting contact details for what mine were. My mobile number hasn't changed so if you've ever had my mobile number then its that.

In general though my contact details are all available linked from my userinfo (bottom of bio) here: (friends locked)

It has my house number as well as address (and random other stuff) should people want those. Anybody who specifically asked for a text with my number will get one.

In fact anybody who wants texts for no reason at all is welcome. I have more texts and minutes than I know what to do with so do just ask. ;-)
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So last night I manage to lose the case for my new mobile phone. I was on the way back from a game and sitting at the bus stop googlechatting with people. Then I was on the bus doing likewise. Then I got home doing likewise. Then I stopped chatting to make dinner and went to put the phone back in its case. No idea where it was though. I suspect I dropped it on the bus but having phoned the bus company this morning they hadn't had it handed in.

I feel a right idiot and was in a foul mood last night (especially after driving around trying to find it including trying to track down the bus I was on).

Looks like I need a new case though. I really feel I need a case because I tend to keep my phone in the same pocket as keys and that's a recipe for scratched case generally...

I'm going to see if t-mobile will do me a replacement. I might even try the "I heard they came with a case but I didn't have one" line to see if I can blag a replacement. I may just use a sock to begin with though. That seems to be what half the mobile phone cases you can buy online are. :)
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Right. As I start transferring details to my new phone I realise that I haven't phoned some people for absolutely years and years... I therefore have no idea if they are still on the same number or not... SO to make my life easier a post requesting contact details...

Since I'm now using google to store my contacts and I think I can tie this in with google maps on my phone addresses as well as phone numbers are good. And if you are on gtalk then that's good too... ;-)

So please fill out the following:

Phone number (mobile and home if you have them):
Google chat address:
email address:

All comments screened.

Thanks for your co-operation. :)

And please do let me know at least name and phone number even if you don't think I am likely to phoen you. Its always useful for emergencies to have as many people's details as possible. :)
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So last night I went out for dinner last night for a friend's birthday. Bussed into town so I could drink and worried slightly when I got to the pub before hand and my stomach said "No alcohol thank you!". Luckily after a J20 it let me know that it was in fact just incredibly hungry and it would be fine after getting something inside it.

We went to the restaurant and I realised I'd never been to Gees and hadn't even looked at the menu or anything like that. I had no idea what sort of food they did. When I looked at the menu I also hadn't realised how expensive it was. Still, its one of the good things about having a job, I guess.... :)

The other thing is that I'm not really used to gourmet food. I looked at the menu and was a little confused by everything. In the end I settled for Roast Butternut Squash Soup followed by Pork Fillet with Ham hock tortellini and pea puree. I was a little confused about whether this came with any side stuff so ordered creamed potatoes too (I do like mashed potatoes) just in case.

The food was gorgeous. I was sceptical about pea puree but the meat was so amazingly nice that I didn't care (and in all honesty didn't really taste it). The pork had crackling. The potatoes were nice and it was all yummy. I'm not usually a food person, I can take it or leave it but restaurants like this are the few times that I realise why some people are so into food.

I realised as I cam to write this that [ profile] lathany would be particularly interested in the next part, desserts. However, I am not sure I can say anything exciting.... I wasn't up for a full desert so I ordered the home made fudge. It was chocolate fudge which isn't my favourite (would have preferred whatever the more plain stuff is called) but it was good. I had two of the five bits they provided but it was a bit rich for eating it all myself. Fortunately friends helped out finishing the rest. Other people had interesting looking puddings but I didn't really pay much attention to them.

The bill came to 55 pounds a head in the end which is way more than I'd normally pay for a meal (and more than I was expecting) but it is nice to have an expensive very nice meal from time to time with good friends. I'll just make sure I only do it once a year or something. ;-)
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I really am not sure how it came up but we've just had a discussion at work about whether tigers or squirrels would win a fight. We worked out that to keep in the same weight ranges it would have to be of the order of 500 squirrels vs one tiger.

So who do you think would win and why?

Arguments so far put forward have been

Squirrels can use lightsabers:

Tigers can fly spaceships (No image available).

I think this stemmed originally from a Chuck Norris vs Vladimir Putin discussion but it all gets a bit fuzzy...

Neck ache

Nov. 10th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Today my neck hurts. I think I must have slept funny last night. It was a bit stiff this morning but seems to be getting worse as the day progresses. Or maybe I'm just becoming more aware of it as time goes on. It feels like it just wants to do a little pop and be fine again (if leaving me a little disconcerted) but moving my neck about doesn't seem to do the trick (and I'm not foolish enough to try to force my neck to do this kind of thing.

In posting this its just occurred to me to take some ibuprofen (quite possibly if it hurts less I'll relax a bit more which will make it better). My current plan for dealing though is to just hope that it gets better tonight from not doing a lot. If it doesn't seem to have improved tomorrow I may call up my chiro and see if I can get her to fit me in to poke it around a bit. I'm sure it *will* go away with time and not be threatening but it is very annoying and resting it tonight may mean not sitting on the floor bending over boxes to sort out their contents... Which is annoying because that is largely what was on my list for tonight.
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So the last week or two or maybe three, I don't keep good count, I've been feeling very up and down about various things (which I won't go into here). Last night and this morning I was very down and then a thought crossed my mind "I'm Depressed". And then I felt happy. When I realised that it wasn't me failing to cope with certain things but me having chemical imbalances or whatever else it actually helped me feel happier.

I'm sure depression isn't supposed to make me happy though and that's my paradox. Kind of weird but amusing enough to share...
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I think I promised that I'd tell the story of what excitement buying my new phone was. So after a second chapter of it hit today I thought I'd tell the tale...

A tale of two phones )


Nov. 8th, 2008 11:40 pm
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So fireworks today were very pretty. Met up with david and art and watched things go boom. The main highliight was the one that was a smiley face. It was pretty cool and geeky.

Then went to another party and chatted to people there and there were also fireworks there to my surprise and deliight. It was quite funny watching the unimpressive rockets. They were cool but the going up was almost better than the bang. :-)

Now I'm at another partyt and being a geek and posting from my phone. Its geeky fun... now to go back to partying...


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