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Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:35 pm
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I'm wanting to get a proper mp3 player for use at the gym. Currently I'm using my phone but I'd rather have something a bit more practical and stuff.

My current thought because of the fact that marketing means I'm not actually sure of the alternatives is a ipod shuffle. I believe they are about 30 quid or so (but apple can't work out how to update their store without taking it offline so I can't check the official price right now).

So, my question for LJ is what sort of recommendations you might have for mp3 players that I might want.

My rough thoughts on spec are:

1) cheapish - the 30 quid ballpark sounds fair. I'm fine with cheaper.
2) capacity - I'm not that fussed about keeping all my music collection on it. I believe shuffles are a couple of gig and this seems fine. I don't need the 40+gig capaicty of the big hard disk based ones.
3) size - something that will either fit in a pocket easily or clip on somewhere would be good. I suspect that is probably goign to be automatic. I like the idea of belt clip or other clip though.
4) compatibility - I want it to take standard headphones and work with any computer. I'd like the option of just dragging and dropping files if I want to or maybe using some software to manage what is on there. am I right in thinking that ipods *only* work through itunes?

Is there anything else I should be thinking about with respect to spec?

Edit: Other specs are for track control I'd like more than minimal control over track listings. Nothing fancy but random fucntions and skipping back (if I want to hear the previous track again) and forward (I'd hope a standard). I've a vague feeling I've seen some that are just plug in and it will start playing with no control at all...

Also if anybody wants to put forward the case for apple products I am willing to listen. :)
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