Mar. 31st, 2009

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Well, as I've mentioned before this summer sees me going off on my first great adventure. Well, hopefully great...

The plan is to leave beginning of July (5th/6th ish) and go to china, meet up with people in Hong Kong at the very end of July (so just under 4 weeks of china for me) and then after a week in HK going off to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Then off to Australia(Sydney and then up north to the barrier reef).

I'm flying various bits and pieces of this and so I thought I'd see if anybody had any particular recommendations for or against any particular airline or any particular website that can be used to sort these things out or other such companies.

I'm flying here to china (shanghai is the current plan - [ profile] hendybear, are you up for a visitor for a bit?) and then from Bangkok to Sydney, probably a connecting flight a week later Sydney to cairns and then from cairns back to the UK.

That's far more information than most of you probably need but if I'm asking for help I want to make sure you've got the full info....

Also for full comment whoring potential then people are welcome to suggest either a) things to do in and around Sydney or b) places to stay up near Cairns/the barrier reef (cairns is where there is a convenient airport but isn't set in stone as such if more awesome suggestions appear). I know I've got a few Australians on my friends list and I'm sure others who have holidayed up there...
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The new RPGSoc Society game, crusade (, is starting up next term and I am still sturggling for a character. I started thinking I wanted to play a politician but the politics aren't really doing it for me at the moment. So I thought I might play a military general til I read the horrors of being a general with more danger coming from getting to a war than the war itself (I exagerate). So then I became kind of stuck...

But then an idea struck me. The society game is all about joke references and stuff and I thought I might build a character on this concept... This idea partly came while listening to Know your meme: all your base are belong to us and thinking "I could make all their base belong to me..."

So now I turn to you for inspiration on what memes and such like could work well in a crusades era character and what I should make my game goals. I promise nothing in terms of using your ideas but its got to be good for a laugh to kill time to discuss this if nothing else, right? For the record its not just memes but classic film references that would work too - in the past I've referenced ghostbusters, flash gordon and many others as well as song lyrics and much other stuff. In fact, songs would be good because then when we do a compilation CD of songs that remind us of the game I'll be sorted...


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