Jan. 15th, 2009

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So I managed to post lots in november and since then I've posted five times. Not awful but half the point of november was to get me posting more. So now I am going to treat you to some random posts...

First I thought I'd mention last weekend. Mainly because it was fun and I did interesting things. I'd headed down to london to see [livejournal.com profile] mi_guida and we decided we should do something on Saturday more than just chilling out with buffy DVDs (which we did a lot of anyway). So having concluded we should go for dinner in town we turned to the thought of what to do in the daytime and we decided on the science museum. After a rather slow start to the day (and discovering that hte science museum website has some fun games (Energy Ninjas reminded me of the powerpuff girls except with ninjas beating up people who pollute the planet and Launch Ball reminded me of some of the physic engine games that [livejournal.com profile] bateleur occasionally brings to my attention. They are mainly educational but remarkably fun).

Err... those brackets were far to long so I decided to ake a break into a nw paragraph and kind of backtrack. So, after a slow start we eventually got to the science museum at about 4, 2 hours before it closed. We wandered around and did a fairly quick tour of a lot of stuff goign "oooh, that's cool" and so on and so forth. We spent some time in an area looking at biometrics stuff (it kept failing to recognise [livejournal.com profile] mi_guida's finger prints so we decided she should launch into a life of crime free of the fear of being identified by fingerprints) and we had fun wandering through the shipping section where they had lots of model engines and buttons to make them move. We judged many of these engines on important criteria like how cool they looked and the related "how steampunk they were". We decided that excessive brass rivets makes somethign look much more steam punk. My favourite was one that just had lots of levers and bits and bobs and tubes and cylinders that seemed to do nothing...

the tiem passed quite quickly and at 6 (or just before) we found ourselves being herded out. We did some floor skipping and after being told to leave on the second floor we went and browsed some of the first floor before being kicked out of there too.

We then went to leicester square looking for food. Most places had queues and we ended up in a cafe uno or some such place where we had nice italian. It has just occured to me that we didn't leave a tip but given we waited about 10/15 minutes before I had to find a waiter and say "can we sit at that table for two please since its not being used by anybody else" I'm not that guilt wracked.

The rest of the weekend was good for the company but nowhere near as exciting in terms of museums and west end food.

I did remember though that I actually quite like london. People may think me mad but I do think it can be a very friendly place sometimes. Though that may have been the sense of commonality we got from the other people queueing who, being a three, had to wait a lot longer than we did (we'd finished starters by the time they were seated despite them having been there before us).

Anyway, much buffy was watched and a good weekend was had. :)


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